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I'm all about adding a ton of value for people who put their trust in me as their sponsor! Join me in Exitus Elite and receive the following features and bonuses:

Private Team Training Site

You'll get access to our VIP Team Training Website (password-protected) - where you’ll have instant access to a boat load of proven top gun kick-butt online & offline marketing methods and resources! (to suit every budget and income target) Including NEW 2018 Craigslist Training!

Weekly Team Traffic Co-op

Another HUGE BENEFIT in partnering with me is our OPTIONAL weekly Team Traffic Co-op. No marketing is require with this 'done for you' option. Our weekly Team Traffic Co-op allows you to leverage our buying power so you can get top tier traffic at just .65 cents per click. The cost is $65 (one share) for 100 unique clicks.

But Wait There's More!

  • One on One Personal Coaching & Mentoring

    It’s really important you ALIGN YOURSELF with a Coach/Mentor that has a proven track record in their own business.
    As a six-figure online earner, I will teach you my EXACT STRATEGIES and systems proven to produce both leads and sales. Books and information products are great tools but one-on-one coaching will take you to the next level in your business.

  • Mega Swipe File

    Never again get stuck on what to say! Grab my secret weapon when it comes to writing capture pages, sales pages, emails, blog post headers and solo ads! Mega Swipe File contains 3,306 PIECES of copy that you can steal to make your business easier and more profitable. Now you can legally steal the very words that million dollar copywriters use to create cash on demand!

  • Friendly and Helpful Facebook Group

    Upon partnering with me, you will get access to our friendly Facebook Group featuring extended lead generation training, Facebook training, mindset training and MUCH MORE. We also have company calls and webinars with the company owner and top leaders to assist in your success.

  • Seven Figure Blueprint Guide

    This guide will help you put together a “game plan” to scale up your online business to include multiple streams of income that will help you catapult your income to the next level.

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Being a top earner and leader in Exitus Elite, I know what it takes and I'm excited to guide those who are ready to earn
$100 - $1000 CASH DAILY using this amazing system!

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