Welcome to Prosperity People Systems!

Welcome as my newest Prosperity People Systems partner…& congrats on getting started in your very own high-ticket business opportunity.  This can be the beginning of life changing income for your and your family if you make a commitment to get all set up and into massive action!

Speed of implementation is key and can be the difference between getting off to a fast-stellar start and just kind of sputtering along without gaining much traction.  Below you will find just three simple steps to get started and the best resources to help you in getting set up successfully.

Above all, remember this is YOUR business! You will get out of it what you put into it. It’s truly yours to profit big from & you are limitless with possibilities in terms of where your actions can take your business!

Just 3 Simple Steps to Get Up and Running!

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Members Area Overview

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Step 1

Set Up Your Call Back Number

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Step 2

Setting Up Your Profile

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Step 3

Domain Purchase & Forwarding

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'Done For You' Team Traffic Packages

I have teamed up with a company called Marketing Systems Integrated. They have been around for many years and specialize in business opportunity marketing using their print & mail service and SMS text marketing platform. I personally have been using their services for many years for my 'high ticket' businesses and recommend them.

MSI has created a special website for our team where you can order their 'done for you' print & mail service and SMS text marketing campaigns.

This site is exclusive to our team and you can share this site with people who join you as well.  Click here to access our team marketing portal.

Dan's Proven Traffic Resources

SMS Text Marketing

Text message marketing is a powerful lead generation and conversion tool, quite simply because people would rather text you than have to call someone else.  CLICK HERE to get access to my proven SMS text marketing sources.


Pay Per Click

The fastest way to build your list!  Learn how I send an avalanche of traffic to my online systems by buying "clicks" from these proven traffic sources.  CLICK HERE to get access to my proven PPC traffic sources.

Offline Marketing Strategies

If you want to give your PPS business a real marketing boost, start looking outside the box.  Here's my proven offline strategies that are worth looking into.  CLICK HERE to get access to my offline marketing training.

Exclusive Team Bonuses

I strive to always add value for those who put their trust in me or members of my team.  Below is our exclusive team bonuses for you to enjoy.  I will be continually adding to these bonuses so check back often!  Thank you!

  • Dan Froelke's 101 Instant Traffic Sources

    Inside this special report, you’ll find well over 100 sources, sites, and providers for fast, high-quality traffic. These sources provide traffic any work from home opportunity.

    Please make sure you do your own due diligence and test different traffic sources to find the traffic sources that work best for the offer you’re promoting. Click Here to get access

  • How to Create Daily Sales Blueprint

    Set the foundation for online domination! When the steps inside by Daily Sales Blueprint are implemented, they will enable you to develop a strong business building foundation & gain the skills to create success is any business opportunity you promote.

    Your desired income is very much within reach when you use the steps outlined in this blueprint! You want to use this plan and share it with your partners for best results! Click Here to Get Access.


  • Dan's Audio Library - Getting Your Mind Right

    Getting Your Mind Right & Using the Product. Success is certainly an inside job and once you realize how crucial your mindset is to your understanding of the law of attraction and how success works, the more effortless cash flow gen. & success will be.  I’m telling you the truth!

    I have put together  some of my favorite personal development Audio books for your enjoyment.  Another valuable bonus for joining my team:)  I will be adding more soon. Click Here to get access. 

  • Dan's Mega Swipefile

    Never again get stuck on what to say! Grab my secret weapon when it comes to writing capture pages, sales pages, emails, blog post headers and solo ads!

    Dan’s Mega Swipe File contains 3,306 PIECES of copy that you can steal to make your business easier and more profitable. Now you can legally steal the very words that million dollar copywriters use to create cash on demand! Click here to get access.

  • Ringless Voicemail Drops Marketing Guide

    Ringless voicemail is an automatic system that allows you to drop messages onto a voicemail account without actually calling or “ringing” them first. It just goes right into their account when you drop it there. This is why ringless voicemail is called “ringless voicemail drops”.

    The ability to allow your potential customers to listen to your messages at their leisure without interrupting their day combines the advantages of SMS messages and phone calls together, even creating unique advantages that neither of them has. Click here to access the guide. 

  • Exclusive Team Welcome Email For Your Team Members

    Being a good sponsor has always been very important to me so I created an extensive ‘Welcome Email’ to copy & paste and send to your new PPS team members.

    Our team welcome email will welcome your new team members to your PPS team and provide them with them necessary information and link to our Team Training Site. So, there really isn’t anything that you have to do once you have a new member join your PPS team.

More Valuable Content Coming Soon!