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Greetings my friend,

If you have been trying to make money online, but have had no success I'm going to show you the easiest way to make $250 instant commissions, that you will ever discover.

Unlike most of the other "biz-opp" & MLM deals out there...there's no waiting around to get qualifications to passing up sales to your sponsor...and no BS excuses either.

If (like most people) you're tired of looking for a way to make money online...and you want to get involved in a REAL business that offers REAL products, and with REAL longterm income potential...then look no further. You've finally found it.

By the time you finish reading this page, you'll discover how members consistently BANK $250 - $1000 per day with 250 Payday System just by plugging into the system and using "done for you" marketing...and how I can help you do the same!

Join my 250 Payday System Team today and you'll receive literally everything you need (and more) to get yourself off to a flying start with this system - as detailed below - and  you can start making money literally  within the next 24 - 48 hours.

"Dan, just a quick note to say thanks for introducing me to 250payday. BTW.....with just one of  your traffic sources I had my 1st sign-up with -in a few days of signing up with you. You ROCK!!! Keep it up."

Dennis S., North Carolina

Here's Some Proof Of What I Am Able
To Generate On A Daily Basis...

"I'm so glad I found a sponsor who actually answers his phone. Dan helped me get my system up and running and personally coached me through the entire process. "

Suzanne B., Ecuador

Here's Your 'Done For You' System
To Creating Wealth Online...

Joshua Joiner the creator of 250Payday has definitely hit a 'home run' with his BRAND NEW Member to Member program. His High Converting Sales Page converts cold internet traffic into instant $250 commissions direct to your PayPal account.

The 250Payday System was designed, tested and proven to do one thing, and one thing only... EARN MULTIPLE $250 PAYMENTS! There's NO selling or telling needed because the system does it all for you.

You do not need any technical experience. If you can follow a simple set up video you have enough skills to use this system. In fact, this system was specifically created to help BRAND NEW marketers earn their first commissions online.

What's My Secret to Having Massive
Success with 250 Payday System?


My high converting branded sales funnel system converts targeted "cold" internet traffic into instant $250 commissions direct to your Bank account. You send highly targeted traffic into the top, and out the bottom comes MONEY! That's what a funnel does.

Why does it work so well?

It's no secret...much of my success in being a top sponsor in several programs comes from branding myself and offering "over the top" valuable bonuses to my prospects.

Now for a very LIMITED TIME, you can duplicate my success by having your very own 250 Payday System branded sales funnel as your own. Join my team below and I will create a branded sales funnel to set yourself apart from others.

I have engineered this sales funnel system to convert cold internet traffic into CASH! And it's designed to help BRAND NEW marketers earn their first commissions online.

Join me NOW and received my high converting branded capture page and sales page absolutely FREE!

"I've been online for 2 years now, and Dan Froelke is the only sponsor that has ever revealed the actual traffic resources that make him money!"

Jeremy H., California

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Real Digital Products That Feature
Some of Today's Most Desirable Topics...

Have you ever promoted a system that had no products to offer? In other words, you're just selling the "system" itself? Not only is that type of marketing unethical, it's down right illegal.

The 250 Payday System has ethical digital educational products in the form of video, audio and ebook courses focused around the field of Internet Marketing. Our courses are top notch and feature some of today’s most desirable topics such as list building, branding, lead generation, mindset, motivation and much more.

Here is just a small sample of the products available for instant download. Watch at your leisure and learn new skills!

Elite Marketing Training Modules +

Elite Marketing Training contains ONLY what you NEED to know to start making a full time income online. All the mechanics of starting and launching your own successful Internet Business is packaged into this extensive 20 Video Tutorial Course.

List Building Training Pro +

List Building Training is a 12 Part Video Series that will take you by the hand and show you super fast and top secret list building techniques that will allow you to get 10,000 plus subscribers every month.

Imagine collecting thousands of hungry buyers within a matter of days just by following the easy step by step video tutorials featured in this course.

Ad Profit Modules +

How To Quick Build Your List With Ad Swaps and Solo Ads!

One of the easiest ways advertise loads of targeted traffic to your squeeze page is using ad swaps and solo ads.

A solo ad is an email-based advertising program where you pay others – webmasters who have already made a vast list – to send out emails, advertising your own business to their mailing lists. In other words, you’re paying them to endorse your business to their subscribers.

Learn everything about these two easy and lucrative lead generating platform in this 7 Video Series!

Make Money In 5 Minutes +

Make Money in 5 Minutes is a detailed 3 Video Course on how anyone with half a brain could make quick cash online without any special skills. The concept seemed so simple and enough, and BOY, I was in dire need of cash so I actually tried it out, but what happened next BLEW MY MIND!

YouTube Profit Accelerator +

In this 7 Video step by step tutorial course, you will learn:

How to rank MULTIPLE Videos at the Top of Google and Youtube for Competitive Keywords (this method hasn't been taught ANYWHERE).

How To rank at the top of Google and YouTube for Competitive keywords that will bring you more sales. My Promotion Method that has made 1 single video churn out up to $1,500 per month passive income (I have done this several times)

How to do keyword research the Easy way -Why simple, "Ugly" Videos that anyone can make convert better than fancy videos with all the bells and whistles.

Targeted Traffic Training +

In this step-by-step 25-part video course you will get to see how to create a proper plan of attack for your website traffic utilizing many proven methods.

Topics Include The Following.

SEO, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, PPC Ads, Paid Banner Ads, Amazon, Blogging, RSS Submissions, Forum Marketing, Q&A Sites, Press Releases, Online Classifieds, Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Article Submissions, Guest Blogging, Web 2.0 Sites, Old School Marketing, Solo Ads, Joint Ventures, Blog Commenting, Viral Report, Video Marketing, Document Sharing Sites and Much More!

Virtual Cash Profits +

If you've ever wanted to make money online, but you still feel lost, frustrated and unsure of what to do, then this will the most exciting course ever...

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably lost a ton of money trying to learn every “make money online’’ program under the sun.

Viral Cash Profits is a comprehensive 23 Video Course that with show you exactly how to build a $100-$500+ per day online income. Learn this closely guarded step by step technique and finally have the breakthrough you deserve.

30 Minute Fast Cash +

If you're struggling right now with making money online and you don't know what to do... Or, you know what to do but never seems to work out. I have four words for you...IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

30 Minute Fast Cash is a Step By Step 15 Video Course that will show you how to generate quick cash online in the next 30 minutes. The best part is...with this system:

You won't need a product
You won't need a website
You won't need a domain name
You won't need a hosting account
Or any special skills

NEW PRODUCTS are added at NO additional cost every month!

"Within 24 hours of joining 250 Payday I made my first $250 sale. All I did was follow Dan's simple step by step training. It works!"

Steve M., Chicago IL

I'm Not the Only One Making Money! Check Out
Some of My Team Members Earnings...

Join My Team And Get Everything You Need
to Finally Start Making Money Online...

Exclusive Team Bonuses!

Branded Capture/Sales Page

You will receive your own "branded" Capture page & Sales page designed to CRUSH the competition and separate YOU from the rest of the pack.

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Exclusive Team Members Area

Not only will you have access to the "Official" 250 Payday Members area, you'll also have access to my exclusive Team Members Area.

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NEW! Offline Marketing System

EXCLUSIVE for my team! You'll be trained in how to effectively advertise a phone number that will drive thousands of people to your 250 Payday System branded capture page. Call the number to hear the NEW sizzle message - (612) 814-0809.

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One On One Coaching

Don't get lost in that "Team" atmosphere. I work with you one on one to help you set your system up and coach you every step of the way. Learn from a six-figure per year earner and top earner in 250 Payday System.

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250 Payday System Team Co-op!

Another HUGE benefit in joining our team is our OPTIONAL weekly Team Rotator Co-op. No marketing is require with this 'done for you' option.

Our weekly Team Rotator Co-op allows us to leverage our buying power so we can get top tier traffic at just .60 cents per click.

The cost is $60 (one share) for 100 unique clicks. Your capture page url will be placed in rotation with other members of our team.

I want to be very clear on this...this is NOT A SALES ROTATOR. The purpose of this rotator is to provide you with quality traffic at a deeply discounted price. All you need to do now is sit back, relax, put your marketing on complete autopilot and let us do the advertising for you.

"Within 48hrs I was able to generate my first sale. Thanks Dan for your one on one help!"

Gregory O., North Carolina

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Here's Exactly What You Get For $250 When You
Join My Exclusive 250 Payday System Team

  • 1

    Make Instant $250 Commissions!

    You will receive the ability to earn 100% instant $250 commissions from the moment you join. No waiting for company checks or e-wallets. The is a straight "member to member" pay plan.

  • 2

    Branded Capture Page & Branded Sales Page

    Your own 'branded' lead capture page and sales page that set you apart from the rest and magnetically brings in the money. You'll also receive a follow-up email series.

  • 3

    Exclusive Team Members Area

    Not only will you have access to the Official 250 Payday Members Area created by Joshua Joiner, you'll also have access to my Exclusive Team Members Area.

  • 4

    Personal One On One Coaching

    It’s important that you ALIGN YOURSELF with a Coach/Mentor that has a proven track record in their own business. As a six-figure online earner, I will teach you my EXACT STRATEGIES to produce both leads and sales.

  • 5

    Online/Offiline Marketing Methods

    I will show you my new 250 Payday marketing strategy to put your business on complete autopilot. All you need to do is advertise a phone number with a high converting sizzle message.

  • 6

    250 Payday System Weekly Team Co-op

    The cost is $60 (one share) for 100 unique clicks. Your capture page url will be placed in rotation with other members of our team. All you need to do now is sit back, relax,put your marketing on complete autopilot and let us do the advertising for you. (Optional)

Take My FAST ACTION Super Bonuses!
...for a LIMITED TIME Only

As a BONUS for joining me in the 250 Payday System TODAY I will include the 250 Payday Profit Accelerator...this is a $1,094 VALUE! PLUS, throw in an additional $898.00 worth of Valuable Bonuses...For A Grand Total Of $1,992.00!

You must ACT TODAY!...I cannot guarantee this page will be up forever.

  • 250 Payday Profit Accelerator

    After receiving many emails and Facebook messages from people wanting other methods to market 250 Payday, I created 250 Payday Profit Accelerator.

    This bonus is available for my team members only and features many other success ways to market this system…online and offline.

    Yours FREE with the purchase of the 250PayDay System.

This Super Bonus Includes:

  • 250 Payday Post Card System - Artwork included ($69 VALUE!)

  • Solo Ad Swipes & Banners - You will receive KILLER solo ads swipes designed to give you more clicks onto your high converting 250 Payday capture page. Brand New banner ads are included as well.  ($45 VALUE!)

  • Access to our Exclusive Members Area -You'll get access to our Exclusive $250 No Website (password-protected) Members Area - where you’ll have instant access to a boat load of proven top gun kick-butt online & offline marketing methods! (to suit every budget and income target) ($495 Value!)

  • eBooks and Software - You'll also receive a wide assortment of Popular Internet Marketing Books & Software to make your marketing life easier (titles are being added every week! ($320 Value!)

  • YouTube & FaceBook Training - Advertising budget tight? No problem. Some of my team members are using the YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Training with GREAT SUCCESS! ($68 VALUE!)

  • Offline Marketing System - Includes 2 fully tested, scalable offline Lead Generation System using postcard marketing and classified ad campaigns. Actual postcard artwork included. ($97 VALUE!)

  • Brand New - 2018 Craigslist Training - Stay ahead of the ever changing Craigslist posting methods by using this BRAND NEW training! ($127 VALUE!)

  • 250 Payday Share The Number System - Everything is included to make this offline marketing method a success. ($69 VALUE!)

"Dan is truly a great sponsor who actually cares about his team, and his branded pages are awesome!."

Julie B., Brooklyn NY

YES Dan, I'm Ready to Join Your Team!
PLUS... Send Me Your INSANE Bonuses
Valued at Over $1,992 NOW!!

Your Amazing New Life Begins NOW...

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What am I actually buying for $250? +

Great question! Most people ask it, so that is why I start with it. For $250 you are buying the resell rights to the e-learning digital product library, which you can sell or give away as you see fit. Also including is the marketing system itself, complete with Josh's business overview presentation video, complete sales funnel and members area access.

Also remember that in addition to the complete 250 Payday Marketing System you'll be receiving, you will also get my team branded sales funnel, team exclusive members area plus EXTRA BONUSES which I will be providing and giving you access to. All in all, $250 is a drop in the ocean when you consider the value you're getting and the potential that this complete system can set you free financially.

What other costs are there involved with the system? +

When you join my $250 Payday System Team you will need an autoresponder such as Aweber. An autoresponder is a necessary tool for anyone who is serious about online marketing.

Aweber is FREE for the first 30 days, then $19.95 per month thereafter. Click Here to get Aweber for FREE for 30 days.

You can also use the following 3rd party autoresponders:
All In One Profits
Traffic Wave

NOTE: Obviously you will also have advertising/marketing costs as well.

Can I do this, even if I have no previous experience? +

Sure you can! Here's the bottom line: Even if you're an absolute novice and you have no previous business of marketing online whatsoever, that's not a problem.



Can anyone join this program? +

Sure they can! Anyone can join the program providing they have internet access and the required $250 payment.

How will my prospects pay me the $250 +

They'll pay you instantly via PayPal. If you prefer not to use PayPal your branded sales page can be set up with Stripe.

Is the program worldwide? +

Yes it is! Literally anyone from anywhere in the world can join 250 Payday System and start making money from it. There are no territorial restrictions either.

What do I do after the prospect sends me their $250 +

After celebrating the fact that you just made another $250, you simply send the new member a special welcome email with getting started instructions and registration link to our 250 Payday Team Members Area.

Can I offer the same bonuses to my prospects? +

Yes! Your branded sales page can be seen here and it will include your payment button and your personal information. Everything listed on your branded page, including all Bonuses and products will be available to your prospects as well. However, I cannot create branded pages for YOUR members. This "perk" is for my direct members only.

NOTE: I will be offering my branded pages to EVERYONE ELSE for a price...soon. Please contact me for details.