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RE: Here's How to Get Paid $247 Over And Over Again!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

I'm excited to share with you today a brand new system where you can GET PAID $247 multiple times per day, paid directly to CashApp, PayPal, Zelle or Stripe. The system is called My Automatic Pay (M.A.P.) and it's a very simple fool proof way to make money on line in 2022.

Just 3 Simple Steps to Start Earning $247 Payments!

STEP 1. Pay your sponsor (me) $247 - one time. (one time $33 admin fee)

STEP 2. Register your profile - Set up your payment options to start earning $247 payments.

STEP 3. Starting advertising your sales funnel link - Choose your 'done for you' traffic package.

What exactly do you get for $247?...

  • High Converting Web Pages ( Capture page and sales page that does all the selling and telling.
  • Built-In Autoresponder (Yes, we follow up on your behalf with pre-written emails)
  • Robust Members Area with all the marketing tools you'll need to CASH-IN!
  • Tracking Interface, which updates your progress in real time. You'll know what every prospect and every member is doing. Updates every 5 minutes.
  • Payment Option Portal to set up how you want to get paid.
  • Step by Step Tutorials to walk you through the super easy set up process. (Get setup in 10min)
  • Done For You Traffic Packages - Get thousands of eye balls looking at your sales funnel with no effort!
  • The Ability to Collect $247 Payments over and over again!
  • Phenomenal Support

My Results Update January 4, 2022

My Full M.A.P Review

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Dan Froelke

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