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I strive to always add value for those who put their trust in me.  From my 13+ years of affiliate marketing experience I've adopted the mantra.  "I make money at the service of others rather than at the expense of others." And I live by this everyday.

Below are my Exclusive Team Bonuses for you to enjoy.  I will continue to add to these bonuses so check back often!  Thank you!

Top Tier 1 Traffic On Me!

Another HUGE BENEFIT in partnering with me is my PAID Traffic Team Rotator. No marketing is required with this 'done for you' option.

I want to help you earn more $98 payments, so I created a team traffic rotator using one of my favorite solo ad vendors - Alessandro Serra. I will be pumping Alessandro's traffic (thousands of clicks) to this team rotator using my own money, week after week.

For a limited time, I will add your 98 Unlimited capture page link to our team traffic rotator for a period of EIGHT WEEKS weeks, that's 60 DAYS of Top Tier One Traffic one me! - FREE!

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But Wait...There's More!

  • Exclusive Team Training Website

    You will get access to my VIP Team Training Website where you’ll find a boat load of proven kick-butt online & offline marketing methods and resources! (to suit every budget and income target) This site was designed for you (and people who join you) to get your new 98 Unlimited business up and running and in profit as soon as possible.

    People who join YOU will also have access to this site!

  • Dan's Mega Swipe File

    Never again get stuck on what to say! Grab my secret weapon when it comes to writing capture pages, sales pages, emails, blog post headers and solo ads! Dan’s Mega Swipe File contains 3,306 PIECES of copy that you can steal to make your business easier and more profitable. Now you can legally steal the very words that million dollar copywriters use to create cash on demand!

  • NEW! 2024 Craigslist Posting Training (ads included)

    Craigslist is still receiving millions of visitors per month and can be an incredible source of free or low-cost leads. This updated training will teach you how to post ads that “stick” and will include ads that you can use with your new 98 Unlimited business.

    You will also learn my Craigslist lead generation method without posting ANY ads!


  • Dan Froelke's 101 Instant Traffic Sources

    Inside this special report, you’ll find well over 100 traffic sources, sites, and providers for fast, high-quality traffic.

    These sources provide traffic any work from home opportunity. Please make sure you do your own due diligence and test different traffic sources to find the traffic sources that work best for the offer you’re promoting.

  • How to Create Daily Sales in Your 98 Unlimited Business

    Set the foundation for online domination! When the steps inside by Daily Sales Blueprint are implemented, they will enable you to develop a strong business building foundation & gain the skills to create success is any business opportunity you promote.

    Your desired income is very much within reach when you use the steps outlined in this blueprint! You want to use this plan and share it with your partners for best results!

  • Dan's Audio Library - Getting Your Mind Right

    Getting Your Mind Right. Success is certainly an inside job and once you realize how crucial your mindset is to your understanding of the law of attraction and how success works, the more effortless cash will flow & success will be.  I’m telling you the truth!

    I have put together 35 of my favorite personal development audio books for your enjoyment.  Another valuable bonus for joining my team:)  I will be adding more soon!:)

  • Exclusive Team Welcome Email For Your New Team Members

    Being a good sponsor has always been very important to me so I created an extensive ‘Welcome Email’ to copy & paste and send to your new 98 Unlimited team members.

    Our team welcome email will welcome your new team members and provide them with them necessary information and link to our Team Training Site. So, there really isn’t anything that you have to do once you have a new member join your team.

  • "Cheat" Your Way to Pulling In A Massive Amount Of Traffic To Any Website You Want!

    I’ve taken years of traffic traffic-generation knowledge and boiled it down to the bare minimum of what you need to know to get great results.

    These traffic tactics all laid out for you to start using instantly! I’ve labeled them “cheatsheets”, but I actually use them myself as sort of mini-blueprints for growing my own traffic!

    Each cheatsheet is jam-packed with instruction on how to do each step You’re not just going to get a list of steps to take. You’ll learn HOW to do the steps.

Dan Froelke's Complete Guide to YouTube Shorts

Boost your brand and increase your exposure while
generating more leads and sales for your online business.

✅Getting started fast track guide to YouTube shorts
✅Actionable tips, step by step proven strategies and real-world examples
✅YouTube Shorts creation check list
✅20 YouTube Shorts ideas to boost your brand
✅30 Day action plan

Designed for complete beginners, no prior video making experience is needed.

Put what you learn into action and watch your online business transform!


Looking for a consolidated resource list that is paying people daily? Look no further!

The Ultimate Resource Money List has resource links to:

💲Work from Home Salary-Based Job Offers (Over 100 Jobs)
💲SBA Loan Applications (Over 100 Loan Sites)
💲Business Grants (Over 50 Grant Sites)
💲Student Debt Forgiveness Links
💲Credit Card Links that Require NO Credit Check!
💲Small Emergency Line of Credit Links for immediate use
💲Apps that Pay You (Over 100 Apps)
💲Instant Line of Credit Sites
💲Business Credit Sites
💲Continuous Access to Updated Money List


It's time to get the money resources you've been looking for all in ONE PLACE! Need a list of grants, apps, credit cards, loans, etc.? Then look no further! The Ultimate Resource  Money List has generated income for thousands of customers who have purchased this list!

Looking to Work from Home?
The Ultimate Resource Money List offers over 100 different Work-From-Home job sites for you to choose from!

Need Personal Credit with No Credit Check?
The Ultimate Resource Money List has helped thousands of people get approved for instant credit in minutes!

Business Credit, Business Loans, We Have Them All!
The Ultimate Resource Money List has over 100 sites where you can apply for a business loan or business credit card to jumpstart or sustain your business!

Here for Business Grants? You've Come to the Right Place!
The Ultimate Resource Money List offers hundreds of grants for businesses owners! People who have had little to no success locating the right grant, have been able to apply thanks to the Money List!

The Ultimate Resource Money List is yours FREE when you join my 98 Unlimited Team!  **You'll also get the resell rights to resell The Money List at $97 A POP!

15 Little Known FREE Traffic Sources Revealed!

Do you believe there are still some under the radar, largely untapped sources of FREE traffic out there? Well, THERE IS and I have a brand new report called,"15 Little Known Free Traffic Sources Revealed!"

I want to give you some under the radar sources, some interesting tactics, strategies and valuable information when it comes to getting free traffic. I guarantee you've never seen these before!

You'll be able to make more money in whatever affiliate program that you are promoting.

This BRAND NEW valuable eBook is yours FREE when you partner with me in 98 Unlimited. 

Your Unfair Advantage!

After receiving many emails and messages from members wanting 'free' or 'low cost' marketing methods to market their 98 Unlimited business, I created my 98 Unlimited Profit Accelerator.

  • Exclusive Team Banner Ads
  • Where to Advertise Your Banner Ads
  • Free Ad Submission Software
  • 200 Pre-Written Ads For Classified
  • 5 Free Websites to Advertise Daily
  • 2024 Craigslist Training With Ads

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